An Opportunity To Perform

Mathieu Leopold taught me to do the Planche years ago. Mathieu is a good friend of my daughter Tania. He is a very good aerialist and we have always had a good friendship.

A few years ago Sally and I attended the grand opening at the gym where Tania would train and perform. It was fully equipped for aerialists. There were all kinds of performances and Mathieu asked if I wanted to perform the Planche. Without hesitation, I said bring it on.

To the delight of my Daughter and her friends, they watched as I struggled to perform the Planche.

I really appreciated Mathieu who had faith that I could do it. It is another fun memory from many experiences that I have had with Tania’s aerialist’s friends.

Recently Sally and I saw the Greatest Showman. It is the true story of PT Barnum.
He brought so many people out of the shadows to perform in his circus.

Mathieu Leopold did all the choreography for the aerialists in The Greatest Showman.
We really enjoyed the movie. I took a picture of Mathieu’s name in the credits and sent it to him.

I would highly recommend seeing this film. You get a glimpse of the fun and comradery that aerialists have.

One of Tania’s friends asked, “How does your Dad feel about you being an aerialist?” She said, “He loves it, and just wants to join us”.

Every once in awhile I get to join them and even if it is a bit shaky it is sooo much fun!


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