First Christmas With Two Grandsons and a Bump

This was a very special Christmas with Jack Clark Dunphy born 2-12-17 and Caper Holt Christianson born 11-2–17 and the Bump due  7-18.

Christmas has such a fun exciting atmosphere as we all snap pictures and watch each expression that absolutely entertains each of us as we enjoy each precious moment.

Being a Grandparent is such a great position with all the fun and very little responsibility. There is a new respect as our daughters realize how their lives have totally changed and as time passes and the bonding takes place the added value is all worth it.

Our family pictures and comments have changed from world traveling to Jack says bye bye, and Caper has such an intense thoughtful look, and we wonder will the Bump be a boy or girl.

The fun builds as we look forward to the next generation steps forward and their fan club is watching applauding and waiting to help pick them up until they have the resilience to pick themselves up.

It has been a mighty fine Christmas.

We are focused on our new Grandsons and the Bump!

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