Road Trip to Mammoth

Sally and I drove to Mammoth to see Tania, Beau, and our Grandson Caper.

I took off Friday and we took a leisurely drive to Lone Pine. We entered the lobby of The Comfort Inn wearing shorts and t-shirts leaving the heat behind for perfect temperatures. A husband and wife walked into the lobby with jackets jeans and they both looked tired.
They had just finished a 95-mile hike and just came down Mt Whitney in a hail storm.
It was a great start for our road trip.

We arrived at Tania and Beaus Home in Mammoth and walked into town to hang out and have lunch. We met Sara a friend of Tania’s who is an aerialist and travels all over the world. Her Sister Hanna is an accomplished dancer.

We had a tasty breakfast at The Stove Restaurant. This is a very popular restaurant.
Tania, Caper, and Beau made good use of the sandbox outside as we waited.

Beau brought two paddle boards. We drove to Lake Mary and Beau said I have an idea and I am not sure if it is a good idea. Let’s paddle across the lake to the restaurant on the other side. I told him, Bring it On!
I stood up and started paddling. It was so much fun and a good work out. I had the bigger board and it was easy. Beau had a smaller board and the scag was missing. It was a bit more challenging. We celebrated on the other side after making a successful crossing.

We are ready to go back to Mammoth any time.

Nothing like spending time with family in Mammoth with so many fun things to experience.



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