Toastmasters International Evaluation Contest

I participated in the Toastmasters International Evaluation Contest-Division D. I paced second place out of four participants. All participants had previously won at the club level, area contest, and now division level.

The test speaker that we evaluated had a great story.
She faced poor health, was laid off from her job, had the possibility of breast cancer, was not eating properly, and not spending time with family.

She decided to train for a triathlon and trained 20 hours a week. Oh, she didn’t know how to swim and had to learn.

She finished the triathlon and was not last.
She gained a balance in her life and restored her health and is cancer free.
The three steps she used are as follows:

  1. Evaluate what is the worst that can happen.
  2. Envision how you want things to be.
  3. Take action.

We were all inspired by this speech.

My Club gave me a lot of support.
Paul, Janna, Audra, and Sharon were all there.
It is fun to attend these contests with a good support team.

We all raise the bar by participating and observing so many great leaders from so many walks of life who just want to grow and just play it forward.

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